What is Informed-Sport?

Many people are not aware with the word supplement manufacturing as well as informed-sport. This is not an issue any more as I am going to help you in this task. I have collected all the details about these words and now I am going to explain them and sharing these details with you to help you out in this matter. So please have a look at the details below.

What is meant by informed-sport?

Many people think that it is a type of sport but this is a wrong assumption. Actually it is a product registration. In easy words it is a certification program or a quality assurance program for sports supplements. It is very important to take this certification. The sports nutrition manufacturers first have to take this certification and have to approve their products for quality assurance. This informed- sport includes the list of products that are best for the athletes as well as for the sports teams that plays on professional level. Before taking any supplement It is the duty of an athlete to check that whether that product has passed through this certification process or not.

When it was established?

HFL Sport Science established informed- sport in the year 2008. But in 2010 HFL was acquired by LGC. This program was created when many qualified athletes unable to pass the anti-doping tests after using the products that were contaminated. After that there was a need of such program that assures the athlete that the products that are being used by him are not contaminated. A program was needed to ban those products that have contaminated substance and that can harm the athletes. It was very necessary to tell the athletes that manufacturing process of the supplements is of high quality or not. The best supplement manufacturer is the one who pass all his batch of products through the LGC test. MaxiNutrition is a good example of it. This is the brand name on which you can trust.

The substances banned by the informed- sport

The informed-sport is in search of many substances. These substances are anabolic agents, masking agents, stimulants, recreational drugs, beta 2 agonists and many others as well. There are a huge number of substances that are banned in sports due to the LGC test and WADA test. These tests are ISO certified. These tests uses those powders, liquids, tablets and capsules that are valid for using in these tests according to ISO 17025. Accreditation of ISO 17025 was given to the LGC test in the year 2003. This accreditation was given by (UKAS) United Kingdom Accreditation Service. This accreditation is still maintained till now. Sports nutrition manufacturers have to pay attention on aspect of quality. This is because it is not a bloody joke. This is matter of the lives of the people who are professional.

This information will be very useful for the sports persons. I hope that they will not start using the supplements without checking the quality of these products. You have to be conscious in this matter as it is the matter of your life. Supplement manufacturing companies also have to clear up the things from their end.

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