Is a Banded Capsule Necessary

By consuming medications and supplements, patients can just hope that they are dealing with a reliable product that is true to the dosage on their label. In general terms, a capsule with bands offers a professional appearance and guarantees stability in the final product. Scoring a capsule also makes sure that the energetic material in a capsule does not seep out or leak, causing a potentially serious is-dosing problem.

What Is Banded Capsule?

The band is a method by which the capsules are fully sealed with a layer of vegetarian gelatin or cellulose, just depending on the origin of the starting capsule. This is achieved by applying a ring of liquid cellulose or gelatin to the outer surface of the capsule.

Should I Band My Capsules?

Companies put bands on their capsules to stop the filler material from being exposed to needless air and to prevent leaks. In addition, the banded capsule reduces the oxidation of the contents of the capsule, in addition to minimizing the odor of the product inside. Once in bands, it is almost impracticable to open and close the capsule again without leaving evidence of manipulation.

Even though this technique seems attractive, many question whether the bands are really necessary or not. Band machines tend to be quite expensive in today’s world and not as competent as modern capsule filling machines. The production speed of most filling machines is more than 2500 capsules hourly, though machines of similar price bands stop production at only 100-300 capsules hourly. Then, although it can produce, for example, 2500 capsules hourly, it will take an extra ten hours of bands to produce the final product. This downtime is only important enough to question whether or not it is essential to group altogether.

As an alternative, we recommend that some effective solutions in which guarantee a stable and professional-looking absolute capsule product.

  1. Selecting Carrier Oils Cleverly

The best solution to leaks is the modification of the formula. In general, best supplement manufacturers will use a carrier oil to compensate for the unfilled space in a capsule, because of the small dose of the active ingredient. When you choose carrier oil, one should take into account the stability of the ambient temperature. Oils such as coconut oil that are actually solid at room temperature, are a right carrier oil since the oil will probably solidify inside the capsule shell before the leak becomes a problem. Modifying a formula to include solid oil is a very competent way to guarantee a stable capsule product. Check here.

  1. Adding Beeswax to a Formulation

One more great resource is FD & C grade beeswax. When working with ultra fluid filling materials, it is guaranteed that the dissolution of beeswax in a formulation will solve any stability or leakage problem that can occur. It is solid at room temperature and easily melts in its fluid state, can be mixed with a formulation to enhance its stability. Once the dissolved beeswax formulation cools inside the capsule, it can solidify in a gel rather than a liquid.


By using these alternatives to profitable bands mentioned above, we have achieved the same goal as a banded capsule product, in a cost-effective manner. Although the bands produce a good finished product, you can achieve the same goal with these profitable methods.