Should manufacturers of sports drinks, supplements sponsor sports?

Trying to figure out whether sports nutrition manufacturers, especially those that manufacture sports drinks (Gatorade, Propel, etc), should be allowed to sponsor sports events can be a tricky proposition. Recent studies have shown that the nutrition provided by these sports drinks and supplements may not be all they’re cracked up to be.

Why these companies should not be allowed to sponsor:

According to experts who have conducted recent studies, sports nutrition manufacturers are being less truthful about the actual nutritional content of their drinks and supplements. The best supplement manufacturers are truthful about their nutrition. Sports nutrition manufacturers are more about sales and advertising then providing a healthy, honest product. Giving them a platform to do this under false pretenses makes it seem as though they are being genuine. Also, with the world wise obesity crisis, allowing a platform for sports nutrition manufacturers to promote an unhealthy product does damage to especially the youth that may be watching these commercials and advertisements.

What are some potential issues with letting them sponsor?

As noted above, one of the main concerns with these sports nutrition manufacturers being able to promote their products this way is that it may add to the obesity epidemic. Also, many of these products are untested by the FDA and there is always the possibility of side effects and unknown allergies. The best supplement manufacturers have the most thoroughly tested products. Too much or too little of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to health issues – fractures, cancers, etc. They also are known to be fairly high calorie and can be filled sugar and empty calories. Diabetes is a major health problem, especially in the United States, and excess sugar consumption is one of the main causes. Click here !

Are any of the sports nutrition manufacturer’s claims backed by science?

As the products sold by most sports nutrition manufacturer’s are not actual FDA certified vitamin and mineral supplements, they are allowed to make whatever claims they want without the need to have them backed up by scientific research and studies. Most times, a successful advertising campaign removes all doubt from the consumer and they believe whatever the sports nutrition manufacturer is saying. Obviously, this is unfair and potentially dangerous. Consumers that believe the non-scientifically backed hype, especially those with small children, may put their children at an unnecessary increased risk for obesity and diabetes. Without requiring the sports nutrition manufacturers to have their claims checked by the FDA, and seemingly endorsed by the sports team or event that they are advertising during (don’t underestimate the power of celebrity), people are prone to believe the claims without looking more into it.

Reducing the sports nutrition manufacturer’s ability to have outreach through advertising during sports events is similar to the push to stop tobacco manufacturer’s doing the same thing for the same reasons. Even the best supplement manufacturer’s should not be given this platform, as it may increase what is already considered an obesity epidemic. Visit this site for more information :